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Employers, What to Consider When Offering Vaccine Incentives

To incentivize or not? That was the question framing the discussion at this month's ZHH webinar.

Zero Hour Health CEO Roslyn Stone along with Claire Deason, shareholder at Littler Mendelson Employment Law, and Dr. Monique Foster, LCDR, U.S. Public Health Service, Medical Epidemiologist, discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to impact employers and their decision to offer COVID incentives to employees.

Throughout the webinar, Roslyn, Claire and Dr. Foster talk about the COVID-19 vaccine and give us a deeper look at the issues employers need to start confronting when considering the vaccination of their workforces. Things like offering a financial incentive program, whether or not to require employees to get the vaccine, and addressing employee vaccine hesitancy are all covered.

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