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Updated Exclusion Chart!

New changes to work exclusions based on the latest data

We have updated our ZHH + Zedic Exclusion Chart to reflect the current lower COVID case rates and higher chances of other illnesses, including flu, RSV, strep, and more.

Here's the updated chart: ZHH + Zedic Exclusion Chart

The primary changes include:

  • Shortness of breath no longer leads to a 5-day if it's the only symptom
  • Clarification for Flu, RSV, and Strep Throat positive test results
  • No more exposure exclusions in any state!
  • More relaxed wording around masking after exclusion
  • Clarifying language around runny nose to help reduce exclusions for cold or weather

We will continue to monitor the situation and update our exclusion chart as needed. Please always refer to the latest CDC and local guidelines.

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