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Updated COVID Exclusion Chart

New CDC guidelines for ending quarantine after COVID exposure

As you have likely heard, the CDC issued new guidelines on December 2nd for acceptable options for ending quarantine sooner than 14 days for those exposed to a COVID positive case. 

We’ve connected with many industry leaders, our contacts at major health departments across the country, and our clients to get an understanding of how local jurisdictions and industry leaders will move forward.

We have decided to move forward with the recommendation to reduce exposure-related exclusions from 14 days to 10 days. 

See our updated COVID Exclusion Chart here.

We do not recommend allowing any employees to return earlier than 10 days, even with a negative test, for a number of reasons. It doesn’t align with the most recent data around average symptom onset time, particularly given that the testing would happen on day 5 or 6 which may be before most people experience symptoms. It also doesn’t account for the increasingly long sample processing time and limited testing availability

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